Backyard Ultra Beauraing


What is a BACKYARD?
A BACKYARD is an ultra endurance race with elimination.

The name may sound scary but the principle is actually very simple:

  • The course consists of a 6.706 km loop.
  • A start is given every hour precisely. You must therefore complete the loop in exactly one hour, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.
  • If you finish before this time, you can rest until the next loop starts.
  • For example: The start of the first loop is at 11am, the start of the second loop at 12pm, 1pm etc.
  • As you can see, if you complete the first loop in 53 minutes, you have 7 minutes of rest before starting the second loop and so on.
  • If you finish the 1st loop in 45 minutes, you have 15 minutes of rest before the next start.
  • If you finish the loop in 58 minutes, you only have 2 minutes of rest before the next start.
  • The goal is simple: to complete as many loops as possible within the time limit.
  • The winner is the last person to complete a full loop on their own.
    Laz, the famous organizer of the Barkley, has been organizing BACKYARDs for the past 15 years at his home in his Tennessee “Garden”.
    The BACKYARD BEAURAING “WHAT’S YOUR LIMIT” is fully inspired by this American race.
    For several years, he has also organised an international challenge.
    The BACKYARD BEAURAING “WHAT’S YOUR LIMIT” will be part of the worldwide “Backyard Ultra” challenge.
    As such, and depending on the results obtained by the various participants of the Beauraing Backyard, some of them could obtain a place in the Belgian team and participate in the future world championships in October 2024.

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08 Apr 2023




50.00 €


Castel Sainte-Marie
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