St. Mary’s Park

St. Mary’s Park

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The Castel Castel Sainte-Marie park is located a few hundred metres from the town centre and is open to the public. The 32-hectare estate offers an extensive network of walks and part of the site is accessible to people with reduced mobility. Beauraing Castle is also located in this park.

The main entrance is near number 55, Rue des Ardennes. It consists of a monumental porch whose stonework is dated 1570.

If you follow the road to Beauraing Castle, you can admire the giant sequoia trees. The Duke of Osuna had these remarkable trees planted in the second half of the 19th century.

A little further up, after the large grassy esplanade, a path leads into the park wood. It leads to the centre of the park, where a statue of the Virgin Mary is placed and from which eight paths form a star.

Otherwise, to the right of the old castle entrance, a space with a statue of the Virgin offers a beautiful view of the town of Beauraing and the surrounding area



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